In the Company of Cowboys

Fans of Louis L'Amour may want to saddle up with another talented Western writer after reading Howard E. Greager's collection of flavorful cowboy lore, In the Company of Cowboys. All of these sagas are true-to-life episodes from the days of the untamed frontier. Greager's gift is to imbue these well-documented case studies with the bracing tone of good fiction. All of the colorful characters of Disappointment Valley are here - from the cattle rustler to the tenderfoot. The most astonishing aspect of Greager's remembrances is his portrait of a West that was still pretty wild even in the early part of the twentieth century.

In this book, you'll ride hell-bent-for-leather as a posse gallops after an Indian shepherd who ambushed two of the author's neighbor in 1926, track down grizzly bears, and rope wild broncs. Don't miss the adventure!

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