Posey's Spurs

We Shall Fall as the Leaves

Howard Greager brings us true western history, well documented and researched. Relive the West's past through these true stories of Mancos Jim (the only man tough enough to wear Paiute Chief Posey's spurs), murderers, bank robbers (including Butch Cassidy), the largest manhunt in western Colorado's history, and more. The author spent two years researching the tales and many of them come directly from families of the men involved. Meet tough and rough cowboys and other men who toiled to survive in southwest Colorado, at a time when the guns still settled arguments and death was only two steps away.

"...There is something in your books that allows the reader to witness the diligence in your research and your passion for the craft. ...You have a fresh and bright perspective that keeps us turning pages..."
 -Tom Kyle, California

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